Ellon is at the centre of a rich agricultural area and enjoys the benefits oil and gas have brought to the North East.

To its own rich history is added that of the surrounding countryside. This is castle country, dotted with countless National Trust and Historic Scotland properties.

The town is close to magnificent stretches of beach and dunes and the perfect base from which to visit traditional villages along the coast. And the many estuaries, inland lochs, and cliff-nesting sites nearby make it a bird watchers’ paradise.

In Ellon itself, the MacDonald Park Woodlands, although just a few hundred yards from the centre, are a haven of quiet natural beauty, with carpets of bluebells and snowdrops in the Spring and room to stroll and breathe the sweet air. Along the river, you can see herons, dippers and even otters and seals. For those who want more active pursuits, there’s a swimming pool at the Community Centre and facilities for many different sports and activities at the Meadows Sports Centre.